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Should The Buyer's Agent Contact The Short Sale Lender?

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jennifer mullen

Buyer's agent asking to speak to negotiator

I've had this happen before and my sellers have never been willing to give third party authorization to another agent but I'm curious about…

Started by jennifer mullen

24 9 seconds ago
Reply by Bryant Tutas
Harry Clay

Seterus: A Case Study in Stupidity

This is a followup to my Seterus thread from last week. I submitted a very thorough, comprehensive, & well documented offer to Seterus…

Started by Harry Clay

9 1 minute ago
Reply by Bryant Tutas
Harry Clay

Warning to Agents re Seterus

Clients contacted me with approx 2 weeks to go before the scheduled Trustee Sale. I just closed an 11 month IBM / LBPS / Seterus / National…

Started by Harry Clay

22 3 minutes ago
Reply by Bryant Tutas
John Young

How to get HAFA to move on this?

I have a buyer with an approved offer on BofA short sale. He requested an extension which was submitted to BofA about Oct 18 with an Origin…

Started by John Young

6 11 hours ago
Reply by John Young
Jen Basnight

HAFA and Inspections

Hello, I am currently working several short sales and learning something new each and every day. On a HAFA sale, buyers submitted a lower o…

Started by Jen Basnight

0 12 hours ago
Amy Summers

Arms length transaction?

I have been asked to do a short sale. The owner of the home is also an officer of the corporation that owns our brokerage.  I am also an of…

Started by Amy Summers

1 21 hours ago
Reply by Kimberley Kelly
Thomas Zdanowicz

Co-Op Short Sale Assignments

Has anyone gotten an e-mail from this company DTS or Dignified Transfer Solutions who is teamed up with Bank of America to assign contacts…

Started by Thomas Zdanowicz

19 22 hours ago
Reply by Kimberley Kelly
Joshua Gayman

USAA HELOC - satanic

I have a file with a USAA heloc. The homeowner is in foreclosure because she is way behind on her first lien, however she never stopped mak…

Started by Joshua Gayman

3 22 hours ago
Reply by Kimberley Kelly

USAA is demanding 50% of the debt on a HELOC!!! Can anyone help me with contacts or ideas?

Ive been working a short for over a year now.. The first is BofA and USAA has a HELOC 2nd....Originally USAA was going to cooperate with th…

Started by JayFriedman

3 22 hours ago
Reply by Kimberley Kelly

Buyer changing their offer on a SS while waiting for approval.

Here are the details: A house that has a balance off 400k and the offer is 320k which is right at 100.00 per sq foot. The bpo was done 3 m…

Started by Investor

1 22 hours ago
Reply by Kimberley Kelly

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Should The Buyer's Agent Contact The Short Sale Lender?
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